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Autonomous Systems is an exciting interdisciplinary research area that utalised the diverse set of skills found across the different disciplines of engineering. Whether you are a student looking to learn new skills, a researcher looking to test out a new algorithm, or a potential collaborator requiring a bespoke (semi-)autonomous device or vehicle, please feel free to contact any of our members.

Undergraduate Students

The Autonomous Systems Programme provides a portal for undergraduate students to learn and gain insight into the types of opportunities their degree may lead them towards. A number of autonomous system themed projects within the university, such as the RoboSumo project are on offer.

Prospective Capstone Project Students

Students engaging in Capstone projects may benefit from the resources on offer — whether it is access to technology, advice or opportunities concerning projects with an autonomous theme.

Prospective PhD Students

A wide range of PhD projects are on offer, from more practical to more theoretical, from mechanical engineering through to electrical engineering and computer science, and from individual through to team-based research.


Algorithm developers (control, image processing, distributed computing, battery management and so forth) can test their algorithms out on actual hardware. Researchers in general may wish to help supervise student (capstone and PhD) projects.

Industry Partners

Avenues for collaboration include:

  • ARC Linkage Projects
  • Joint supervision of Capstone student projects
  • Joint PhD supervision
  • Shared research opportunities
  • Consultancy


If you require an autonomous system for a certain task, we may be able to form a team and work with you on developing a suitable system for your purposes.